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Past Projects

University Hospital Tampere

Standby Power

Tampere University Hospital is one of the largest hospitalsin Finland. It provides service for roughly one million Finns, has a capacity over 1 000 beds, employs more than 6 000 people, and includes 34medical specializations. As a grid failure in a hospital can be life-threatening for patients, a possible power outage must have minimal effect on the clinic's operations.

The ComAp controllers made it possible for the built of a state-of-the-art backup power system that provides stable and reliable backup power to the hospital. The project, dealt with two kilometers of optic fiber, three 1000 kVA generators, and nearly 20 ComAp controllers.

Lemminkäinen - Rock Crushing Machine

Machinery Engine and Equipment Control

Lemminkäinen is one of the biggest construction companies in Europe. Specialising in infrastructure construction in the Nordic countries, they have extensive experience in roads, railways, earthworks, hydraulics, underground construction and excavation.

Lemminkäinen operates a rock-crushing plant outside the city of Nokia in southern Finland. This rock-crushing plant provides rock products for use in their projects including building foundations, road bases and train track ballast. The rock-crushing machines, specially manufactured for Lemminkäinen by the Mesto Corporation, have all been fitted with ComAp InteliDrive controllers.

MV Aura Ship

Control System

Specialist deep sea cable laying vessel, the MV Aura, has been refurbished to enhance its ability to perform demanding duties installing subsea energy cable for renewable energy projects at sea.

Meriaura Ltd, owner of MV Aura, is a Finnish shipping company specialising in demanding cargo projects and transporting industrial bulk and raw materials. For its work in support of renewable energy projects MV Aura is part of its fleet of Cable laying vessels covering both deep water and shallow water cable laying and trenching capabilities. The ships’ systems has been fitted with a dynamic positioning system, two additional bow thrusters, two new diesel engines, deck cranes and also accommodation block withcapability of housing up to 36 people.

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